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    Main:Turbocharger, turbo parts, turbine wheel, turbo wheel & shaft , turbine housing, bearing housing

    Enterprise marketing | quality | honest services Phone:0086-18336622690 E-mail:woerfu168168@163.com

    Henan Wolfe Auto Parts Co.,ltd founded in 2015, is located in DengZhou city, Henan Province, a factory integrated foundry and manufacture auto parts.

    Our company is located in Dengzhou industry incubation park, standardized plant 60000 square meters. Company now have 80 managers, technicians, total about 600 employees, have 4 production lines.

    ISO/ TS16949:2009 are strictly adopted in the whole production process, QCD management mode, with good quality, favorable price, accurate delivery time, to sever every customer in the best way.

    A demand to submit it is perhaps the beginning of a wonderful product

    Please fill out the form or send email to cooperation:woerfu168168@163.com

    Henan Wolfe auto parts co., LTD.


    Phone:+86 18211899978


    Address:Dengzhou industry in henan province hatcheries A4

    Cooperation needs:
    Henan Wolfe auto parts co., LTD.  豫ICP备17015440号 webmap
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    +86 18211899978


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